About us

Welcom to DONG IL ENTERTAINMENT. Founded as a military supplier of Korean and foreign performers for the US 8th army, Dongil Entertainment boasts about 50 years of history, and has been established in the Korean entertainment industry. Currently, we are recruiting and providing foreign performers and celebrities for large theme parks like Everland Resort and E World, Incheon Marine Tourism Ferry, Han River Ferry, and top hotels in Korea. And about 200 foreign performers are working as part of our company.


  • Nov. 1964
    Performance at the entire US 8th army area in Korea (received an appreciation plaque
  • Jul. 1986
    Participated in the foreigner event for the ’86 Asian Game
  • Jul. 1988
    Participated in the foreigner event for the ’88 Seoul Olympics
  • 1995 present
    Event performance at Everland Resort
  • 1992 present
    Event performance at E World (former Wubang Tower Land)
  • Jul. 2002
    Participated in event performance for the Korea Japan World Cup
Supplying performers and hosting events for top hotels, ferries, stages, and theater restaurants in Korea